Data Analysis Training & Coaching Courses – Duplicate – [#408]

Teaching the next generation of analysts

Want to become a technical expert in R or Python? Or just improve your understanding of data without getting involved in all this wizardry? Either way, our courses have got you covered.

As data experts, Datacove can train your team in the technical skills they need to process and present data – or simply the softer skills to understand data and its importance in growing your business.

Our data analysis training courses

R training courses

From £75 + VAT per person

We run a half-day face-to-face training course in your office (or via a webinar) for 4-8 people focusing on a popular area within the R programming language – you can either build a bespoke course or choose from one of our pre-developed topics:

  • R for beginners: Getting started in R studio
  • R for analysts: introducing the tidyverse
  • R for Excel lovers: Editing spreadsheets in R

  • R for R-tists: A masterclass in ggplot2
    R for lazy people: Automating repetitive tasks with APIs and web scraping

  • R for wordsmiths: A tour of text analytics techniques


Python training courses

£XX per two hours

£YY for half day

  • Getting started with Py and NumPy
  • Data frames and Pandas
  • Data cleaning and visualisation and analysis in Py
  • Modelling and machine learning in Py
We work with your team(s) in small groups to transfer our technical knowledge so that they can set-up, use and manage your Google analytics in house.


Data and analytics training

From £95 + VAT per person

  • How to present and visualise data
  • Analytics for marketers
  • Econometrics 101