Data Reporting & Measurement

Creating clearer reports to keep you informed

Helping to reduce regular time and effort you spend on data reporting by automating the entire process – from gathering the information to producing the final report.

The data analysis experts at Datacove will work with you to improve how key decision-makers are presented with the information that matters most, by building a faster and more efficient reporting process.

Our data reporting & measurement solutions

Reporting plan

From £99 + VAT

Want to create or automate your own performance reports, but not sure where to start? We’ll spend an hour with you over a video call to explain the steps you need to take and offer advice on how to put them in motion.


Reporting build

From £2,499 + VAT

Know what you want in a report, but don’t have the time to build it yourself? We will work with you to understand your requirements and build a report that puts all of your key business performance information at the fingertips of those that need it.


Data warehousing

From £4,199 + VAT

Do you have lots of data sitting in different places? Are your spreadsheets becoming too big to store all your information? We can bring all your data together into a single and powerful database so that you no longer have to scramble around to find the information you need or wait hours for those spreadsheet formulae to calculate!


Reporting automation

From £1,399 + VAT

We’ll spend some time with you to understand the full reporting process, i.e. how you gather and process the information and what the final report looks like. Using this information, we will create a script to handle all these tasks and generate your report at the click of a button.


Email optimisation

From £1,995 + VAT

We’ll examine your email copy to determine the overall sentiment / tone of voice, identify the words and phrases that lead to the highest engagement rates, the optimal word count and the most engaging days and times to contact your customers.


Media measurement

From £2,999 + VAT

It can be hard to measure the return on media investment when you’re advertising in lots of different places at the same time. Which sales came from your TV advert and which from social media? What about your outdoor billboards and your emails? We work with you to identify the most appropriate measurement method so that you can get the best possible return from your future media spend.