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We help you at every stage of your data driven journey – from shaping your strategy, to analysing your customer data, improving your marketing communications and automating business processes. See how we can provide value with our data analysis consultancy services.


You’ve probably heard people refer to data as the new oil – well, at Datacove, we like to refer to it as the new ‘Soil’; because it really is your catalyst for growth. Our team of data analysts and data scientists are committed to providing first-class analytical solutions to drive your business forward.

Customer Analytics

Understanding your customers - who are they, how do they interact with your brand and how / where can you find more of them.


Data Strategy

Ensuring you collect the right data from customers, have a simple way of storing it and a clear plan of how to use it.


Web Analytics

Set up your website to track user activity and analyse it to improve your customer experience.


Reporting & Measurement

Reducing manual time and effort summarising data by automating the entire process.


Training & Coaching

Sharing our business and R programming expertise to develop the analysts of the future.


What our clients say

Jeremy is one of those rarities in the world of consulting. He is someone who knows his subject matter inside out, has a tremendous passion for it, is able to simplify and succinctly communicate complex issues and knows how to apply his skills in order to create value. As a result Jeremy will remain on my speed dial list for years to come!

Alex Hatchman,
CEO Fletchers Solicitons

Having worked with Datacove for the past 12 months. Jeremy and his team have the perfect balance of technical ability mixed with strong communication skills. We have now worked on a number of successful projects and cannot recommend them enough as partner.

Dave Barnett, Managing Director December19

Excellent. Very Thorough and thoughtful.

Training Course participant

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