Who we are

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From humble beginnings to ambitious futures, Datacove have been partnering with businesses across the country for 20 years, helping them to understand more about their customers.

Our Mission/Vision

At Datacove, we help cool people solve WICKED problems, with data!

From shaping your business strategy to automating your processes, we aim to get the heart of your datasets, helping you leverage your most valuable customers and increase the return from your marketing investments.

Our passion for mathematics, statistics and technology means that we tailor every solution to fit your data rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, we’re so passionate that we just can’t keep it all to ourselves! We are a firm believer in sharing knowledge and training analysts of the future with our bespoke training courses and free online tutorials.

We look forward to being part of your data-driven future!

About Datacove

Datacove is the brainchild of Jeremy Horne, who, in the summer of 2020, and in the middle of a global pandemic, made a brave choice to follow his dream of becoming a freelancer, finally giving in to all of the people that had been regularly harassing him to do so!

Having made a strong start with an unprecedented demand for first-class analytical solutions, he took his dream to the next level, creating Datacove with the mission to help partners on their data driven journeys by offering core services in data strategy, database and marketing analytics, reporting automation and other bespoke data science solutions, alongside various training packages to help inspire the analysts of tomorrow.

The business continued to grow strongly in 2021 and the team expanded, welcoming two additional analysts, supported by a strong group of industry experts to assist on specialist analytical projects.

The plan going forward? It’s simple. We want to make sure that every brand has the opportunity to become smarter with their information and becomes inspired to love data and analytics. We look forward to being part of your data driven journey.

Jeremy Horne


Jeremy is an experienced data, analytics and insight professional of over 15 years, specialising in customer analytics, reporting automation, machine learning and data visualisation - with a passion in developing sophisticated data strategies and inspiring best in class analytics solutions. He is an advanced user and advocate of the R programming language and combines it with his love of public speaking to share applications and motivate others to develop into coding specialists, not least through co-running ‘BrightonR’ - Brighton’s premier R user group.

The Team

Meet the rest of the team that make Datacove tick.

Laura Mawer

Data & Analytics Consultant

Laura, having transitioned from Education, possesses a knack for engaging and accessible storytelling. Her insatiable curiosity, fervent desire for profound comprehension, and an affinity for all things mathematical enable her to delve into data exploration and logically solve problems. She serves as the team's Python specialist, overseeing client projects from inception to completion. Furthermore, she leads the company's Python courses and hosts local tech community BrightonPy.

Abbie Brookes

Senior Data analyst

Abbie recently graduated with a Batchelor of Science in Psychology from The University of Sussex. Her love for the R Programming Language emerged after completing her research project, which used primary data analysis to explore the need for additional policies to prioritise British citizens’ mental health in a post-pandemic context. Since embarking on the topic, Abbie enjoys transforming data to understand and further predict changes in human behaviour.

Our services

Customer Analytics

Understanding your customers - who are they, how do they interact with your brand and how / where can you find more of them.


Data Strategy

Ensuring you collect the right data from customers, have a simple way of storing it and a clear plan of how to use it.


Web Analytics

Set up your website to track user activity and analyse it to improve your customer experience.


Reporting & Measurement

Reducing manual time and effort summarising data by automating the entire process.


Training & Coaching

Sharing our business and R programming expertise to develop the analysts of the future.