Customer Data Strategy

Helping you make the most of your data

Guiding you at every stage of your data driven journey; ensuring you collect the right data from your customers, have a simple way of storing it and a clear plan of how it will be used to improve consumer experience, attract new customers and ultimately maximise your profits. See how our customer data strategy services can help you do all this and more.

As data experts, Datacove will help you to understand and implement the best strategies for making the most of your customer data so you can increase sales, conversions and other KPIs with detailed plans.

Our customer data strategy solutions

Strategist on call

£99 + VAT

Not sure where to start or only need ad-hoc support? We’ll spend an hour with you over a video call to listen to your requirements and provide our expert recommendations. Book four hours in advance, and we’ll throw in a fifth for free too!


Strategy in a day

£895 + VAT

We’ll spend the day with you; understanding how you collect customer data, what your database(s) look like and how you currently analyse the data. We’ll produce a short report, detailing what’s working well and how/where improvements can be made.


Strategy partnership

From £1,895 + VAT

We’ll get under the skin of every customer dataset you have – how you collect, store and use it. We’ll produce a detailed report of our findings and recommendations on how you can simplify each part of the process and improve the way you understand your customers without losing any of the granularity.